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Are you drinking more than just filter coffee?

by Harish Mithra 06 Oct 2020

You’ve dismissed the morning alarm with a reluctant swipe and you’ve managed to peel yourself from your bed. Now, before you pour yourself your first morning cup of coffee, stop and ask yourself is it really just filter coffee you’re about to sip? 

Agreed, it looks alright, and perhaps it even tastes somewhat like it should but this rich brown coloured liquid that fuels your morning and prepares you for the day ahead may have a few secret ingredients lurking beneath its surface. Would you like to know more about it? Read on!

Sticks and stones and everything in between

We’ll understand if you’d like to take a moment after reading the previous line, or go back to re-read it again. Research has shown that because of carelessness (and sometimes even intentionally) random things like sticks, stones, twigs, entire coffee berries, pebbles, dirt…you know, the works, goes into filter coffee. This filter coffee infiltration happens during harvest and once these additives get ground together with the beans there is no way to sieve them out or know what exactly went in there for sure. 

Some other things that don’t belong in your filter coffee

Since it’s difficult, time-consuming and expensive to procure premium quality filter coffee, tests have revealed that some manufacturers add corn, barley, wheat, soybeans, rice, beans, açaí seed, brown sugar, starch syrup and the like to either artificially enhance the taste or bulk up the coffee package with things that aren’t, well, coffee! 

For a perfect cup of filter coffee, that’s just coffee and nothing else…head to True South

Made from the finest single-origin beans, TrueSouth offers the wholesome goodness of rich South Indian filter coffee without any taste enhancers, hidden sugars or preservatives. Completely natural, and ethically sourced, TrueSouth coffee beans journey straight from the farm to your cup. 


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