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by Harish Mithra 01 Oct 2021
A long time ago, and many years back
There came a problem no one could crack.
The brightest minds from near and far
discussed at length this problem bizarre:
“We’ve walked the moon and sieved the sea
but can’t make Filter Coffee instantly?
Who has the time? (the question read)
To wait that long once out of bed?
We want our coffee like it’s meant to be...
Aromatic, filtered, and ever so creamy!
But we need it fast and we need it now.
We’ll do all it takes can you tell us how?”
After decades of work and study,
The solution was finally ready.
And filter coffee poured in from little pouches.
Reached every city and even some couches.
Traditional in taste but new in form
You could have it hot, cold, or even warm.
20 ml of this incredible decoction
Added to milk in proper proportion
Could brew a cup that tasted just right
And fill the heart with true delight.
And every sip that reached the mouth
Teleported one to the wondrous True South.
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