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The Right Match for Your True South Filter Coffee

by Harish Mithra 06 Oct 2020

Every cup of a True South filter coffee is nothing less than a celebration. And every celebration worth its salt is accompanied by some good food. Talking of which, ever wondered why is there a barrage of information about food which pairs well with wine but almost nothing has been written about what goes well with our beloved South Indian filter coffee? 

It’s about time someone fixed that isn’t it? So, let’s get started at once!

  1. Samosa: The gorgeous deep-fried spicy triangle of mouth-watering deliciousness is True South filter coffee’s soul mate. Lovingly stuffed with a spicy potato filling, found on almost every street corner, a piping hot samosa and a steaming cup of filter coffee is enough to remedy a tiresome day at work, or commence a heated discussion on realpolitik. 
  2. Idli: Do you believe in power breakfasts? If you do then chances are, you’re no stranger to Idli-filter-coffee fuelled mornings. There’s this certain unparalleled lightness of steamed Idlis that go so well with a creamy aromatic cup of True South filter coffee. No wonder it’s a hugely popular pick-me-up throughout Southern India.
  3. Butter toast: Crispy golden toasts buttered and served with a well-made cup of True South filter coffee makes a perfect no-nonsense breakfast canvas. Leave it at that if you’re in a rush or build on it with a fluffy omelette, sausages and bacon on the side, sky is the limit really, and no one’s judging. 
  4. Sandwiches: Have it with cucumbers like the formidable Lady Bracknell or squeeze an alu tikki with green chutney inside, True South filter coffee pairs well with almost any sandwich you whip up. This versatility comes very handy when you have unannounced guests knocking at your door. 
  5. Brownies, chocolate cakes and muffins: Dense chocolate brownies stuffed generously with roasted walnuts, creamy dark chocolate cakes, soft melt-in-your-mouth buttery muffins and a perfect cup of True South filter coffee to wash it down with, what more could a coffee connoisseur ask for? Unlike most beverages, there is this charming quality about True South filter coffee…not only can it be an essential part of breakfast, but it can also accompany your favourite desserts, any time of the day. 

Timelessness…isn’t that what a classic makes?

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