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Travelling with Tea

by Harish Mithra 29 Mar 2022

Feels on Wheels

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Biking down the deserted roads while flanked by ever-changing landscapes is truly exhilarating. And every biker swears by his trusted machine when it comes to reaching far-flung destinations. But… even the most rugged of bikers need those breaks at specific turns in their journeys. And what better than a cup of steaming-hot Ginger tea to refuel for the miles ahead. 

Superhero Sips

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A short weekend drive with family is such a nice way to unwind. A little picnic, some greenery, a few hours of solitude with just your dearest ones… It has a charm of its own.  And once in a while that flat tire adventure in the middle of a scenic nowhere adds to the experience. But even the family superhero needs a breather, and what better than a refreshing cup of Assam chai to recharge and get things moving again. 

Picture-perfect Shot

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A shoot in Manali complemented by an insane amount of adventure! And getting there wasn’t easy! A flight from Chandigarh followed by a 3-hour ride, a short rest, acclimatisation (which definitely needs over 24 hours) and a trek in knee-deep snow towards the next valley that’s 3 hours away.

Set up, shoot for 7 hours straight and then the same jig on the way back. Freezing to the bone, all one could think of was that hot cup of Masala chai. A few sips was all it took to bring life back to every limb, and charge ahead.


Seas of Memories

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The ebb and flow of the tides, and of course… that salty scent of the ocean. A walk along the beach with the better half, the only things that can be seen or felt are the blue of the ocean, the warmth of the sun and the hug of the sand closing in on the feet at every step. As the long and blissful walk came to an end, the craving for an ice-cold serving of lemon tea takes over…

In the depths, one can only hear bubbles, moving freely past corals, fishes and other colourful creatures. After a while, the soft signal to resurface gets a nod followed by floating up till the light gets stronger. Above ground, the body’s wobbly but regains balance as the gear comes off and the rush of the dive flows in. Head held high with the sun on the shoulders, and there’s nothing better than the coolest glass of iced lemon tea to celebrate the feat.

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