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by Harish Mithra 29 Mar 2022
I always hate the mornings
from the moment I wake.
For a foggy mind
it's too much to take.
I board the cab
and kiss home 'goodbye.'
And the belly's empty
without a cup of chai.
I rush to my desk
and my body's a wreck.
I look left and right
and see all hands on deck.
But all I can do
is heave a sigh.
Because I still can’t enjoy
a cup of chai.
I’m late for lunch
with nothing to munch.
The table’s full
with a happy bunch.
But it’s never a reason to sit down and cry
for I know I’m close to my cup of chai.
The clock ticks 5
and the tail goes up.
All I can see
is the shelf with my cup.
No matter how tough
the day went by…
All I can taste
is my cup of chai.
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