What is a blend?

The Truth about TrueSouth

Arabicas. Robustas.
Single-origin beans. Roasting.
Taste profiles. Chicory.
Temperature. Altitude...

A lot goes into growing and brewing coffee. We know, because we love our coffee. But our expert roasters make it real simple. They follow a time-intensive process where they judiciously prepare the beans with the utmost care. And then, state-of-the-art technology transforms the beans into decoction.

Blends Malabar


If you like a little body, then this is the blend for you. With a well-balanced composition of 75% of coffee and 25% of chicory, Malabar is a plethora of flavours that you could be lost in for weeks. So tread lightly.

Blends Bold


This is as good as coffee gets. If you love the coffee in your coffee, then this is the one for you. Bold comes with 80% Coffee and 20% Chicory, and offers the true coffee-lover a bold flavour that’s truly coffee.


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